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York Junior Symphony Orchestra

It is omnipresent.  It is a participant at our most cherished moments in life, our celebrations and ceremonies.  It lives in the background of our lives; on the radio, on our Ipods and MP3 players, on television and the internet.  It is a part of what makes us uniquely human.
It inspires us.  It motivates us.  It saddens us.  Music has the power to let us reach for what is beyond our understanding.

  Our relationship with music begins with our first lullaby.  For some of us, this simple meeting with musical notes begins a love affair that lasts a lifetime.  At the York Junior Symphony Orchestra we strive to inspire the next generation of music performers and music educators.  While not all of our young musicians will go on to work in the world of music as adults, those who do gain valuable instruction that is hard to find elsewhere.  We at the YJSO believe that our orchestra is the finest orchestra of our age group (grades 5 through 8) that can be found anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.  We are one of the only symphonic orchestras at that grade level to have both string, brass, woodwind, and  percussion sections. The level at which our orchestra plays is reached in no small part by the outstanding dedication and talent of our music director and conductor, Mrs. Kathleen Yeater.  Saturday morning rehearsals with Mrs. Yeater are the training ground that allows young musicians  an opportunity to pursue a career in music. 

   We ask that you consider joining us as we look to the future to increase programs and touch the lives of those around us.  Our dreams are limitless.   Our young musicians are amazing.  Each concert, as I take my seat after introducing the orchestra, I am momentarily overcome by the beginning notes of the first music selection.  The faces of the children are so earnest and pure.  Music truly can make time stand still. Join us, be a part of something that touches the future.  Hear the music that surrounds us all.

    Amy Tomassone, YJSO Board President

Please consider a donation to the York Junior Symphony:
50 N. George Street
York, PA 17401
Largo Society ($1.00-$99.00)
Andante Society ($100.00-$249.00)
Moderato Society ($250.00-$499.00)
Allrego Society ($500.00-$999.00)
Vivace Society ($1000.00 and above)

Your donation is tax deductible. Your generous and continued support has been vital to our success, thank you!

Another way for you to help the YJSO
You can help the YJSO by remembering us in your estate planning.  Your planned gift helps ensure that your passion for children and music reaches future generations. For more information, please contact Amy Tomassone at 717-683-7672.

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