Membership Rules

Saturday rehearsals are from 9-11am. Sunday rehearsals are from 2-4pm. Strings arrive 30 minutes early for tuning, Percussion arrives 45 minutes early to help set up. Percussion is also expected to help tear down and put percussion equipment away at the end of rehearsal. All others arrive 15 minutes early for tuning.

All members must pay the membership fee. If 2 or more children are members of YJSO a discount will apply.


Near perfect attendance is expected. A maximum of 2 absences per year are allowed. Late arrival or early departure is considered 1/2 an absence. With a third absence, scholarship application will be denied. A fourth absence will be reviewed by the Board, at which time there will be a decision for continued membership.  Without exception, mandatory attendance is required at sectionals, dress rehearsals and concerts. In the event of illness on sectionals or dress rehearsals, orchestra seat is NOT guaranteed. Orchestra and/or concert seating due to absence is at the determination of the conductor. 

Any member found defacing or destroying facility property or music owned by the YJSO will be dismissed from the group.

No snacks, including chewing gum, are permitted in the rehearsal room during rehearsals. All wastepaper and trash are to be deposited in trashcans.

All string members must belong to their school orchestra. All woodwind, brass, and percussion players must belong to their school band OR orchestra. All members must be in good standing with their school music department. Their private music teacher must recommend Home School students who do not play in a school orchestra or band.

Students are required to take weekly private lessons on the instrument that they play in the YJSO.

Members are to adhere strictly to break times and conduct themselves as representatives of their school.

The conductor reserves the right to hear members play their parts at any time.

Each member MUST bring a music stand to every rehearsal in case his/her stand partner is absent.  Strings mustshare a stand with their stand partner. Members MUST have a pencil at their stand at rehearsals.

Report home address, telephone number, e-mail address, and private music teacher changes to

All music MUST be returned at the end of each concert or a charge will be incurred.

Permission must be received to record or print any pictures of members for symphony promotion.

Financial Scholarship is available for those who qualify.

Audition prior to 9th grade for the York Youth Symphony Orchestra requires private teacher recommendation, and private teacher discussion with both the York Junior Symphony Orchestra Music Director and the York Youth Symphony Music Director. If the student is given permission to audition for both organizations, the directors will determine the orchestra to which membership will be granted.

No cell phones or electronic devices of any kind are allowed at the student’s chair during rehearsals. Students must leave all electronic devices in their instrument cases or with a parent prior to tuning and taking their position.

Email notice of all absences in advance must be sent to

Ashley McDaniel at or call 717.357.5119 if less than 24 hours notice.